How Often do You Need the Internet?

Internet access is available under a variety of plans designed for every budget. We even have plans designed for part-time residents' use and our part-time residents and visitors.

Unlimited Access, Nationwide Access: For a list of current access numbers, rates, connection options, included features, and on-line signup, please visit

Local (Vero Beach) Access: In addition to the unlimited access, local dialup access is provided under the following plans:
Open Hours: Under this plan, the time that you purchase is good until you use it... whether it takes you 1 week or 1 year! Time is usually purchased in blocks of 20 hours ($9.95) or 50 hours ($19.95).
Hourly Rate: You determine how many hours per day you expect to be on-line. After the first month or so (while learning to use the internet and investigating the novelty of it) most people tell us that they average less than 2 hours per day on-line. That's why our two most popular hourly rates are 1 hour per day ($4.95/month) and 2 hours per day ($8.95/month). Other plans are also available.
Free Access: The primary objective of IRENE (the Indian River Education NEtwork) is to address the electronic education needs of the Vero Beach - Indian River County community. To help meet this objective, anyone with an internet access account on our local system (IRWIN/IRENE) can log on for up to one and a half hours per day and it's absolutely FREE! The catch? Modems are 28.8 and each session is a maximum 30 minute connect time.
These options were developed to provide greater flexibility for the low to average internet user. Customers may also switch local access plans at any time.

Extended Time: For those times that you need to stay on-line longer than your hourly plan permits, additional hours are pre-purchased at the rate of $0.30/hour. These hours do not expire... they are good until you use them (just as in our Open Hours plan).

For Our Visitors & Part Time Residents: The "pay as you go” method of payment means that you will not be incurring any charges while you are away. All internet accounts remains active unless we are instructed by the owner of the account to to terminate it.

If you are visiting and need a computer with internet access, please contact us. The computers used at the SeniorNet Learning Center, located in our building, are available when not in use by a class. A nominal fee is charged for this use.

For all local internet access accounts, there is a $10 one-time sign up fee. We do require identification or you must be personally know by the person who is accepting your application. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Fees for the unlimited service are posted at

Business & Commercial Customers: Please contact for various options that will provide solutions to your company's internet access needs.

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