On the CrossRoads

What are Community Service Sites? The Community Service Sites are provided free of charge to deliver information about Vero Beach, Sebastian, and all the communities in Indian River County, Florida.

What kind of information? Any information that fits into the categories of Living, Learning, Working or Playing is eligible to be included. Some of the most frequently visited areas are the health care section and the accommodations and dining guides. The most frequently visited single areas are the Indian River County property appraiser file and the community calendar.

How do I find these sites? All related sites come together at The CrossRoads, a section developed to provide a single entry point (portal). At the bottom of most pages created by The Internet Division, there is either an image map similar to the one at the bottom of this page or a text link to The CrossRoads.

Where does the information come from?: We use information either provided directly to us for use within the sites or taken from other official sources of information. Whenever possible, the included information is presented to the group or organization that is represented for their corrections, modifications, and/or suggestions prior to posting.

How long has this resource been available? The first sections were posted to the web in 1995 - back when graphic internet access was in its infancy! The sites were originally developed to provide residents and visitors to our area with information about the recreational and health care resources available. As the e-mail inquiries into other areas grew, the sites continued to expand.

Why do these sites exist? IRENE (Indian River Education NEtwork) was originally developed as a free local telecomputing system that would allow parents, students and teachers to communicate and exchange information. As it grew to include all residents of the county, the types of information expanded beyond the educational issues. Developing the Community Service Site structure was a natural evolution of the original concept.

What is the advertising policy? At this time, no advertising is permitted on the Community Service Sites. We do allow area sponsorships by companies that have a business directly related to the information presented (example: Capt. Hiram's sponsors the fish identification section.)

How are the sites supported? The site development time, computers, software and technical support is donated by Vetrol Data Systems. Delivery of the information is supported in part by our local internet access customers, commercial web site clients, and site sponsorships.

If you are interested in becoming a content provider or sponsor, please contact www@vetrol.com.

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