Need Development or Just Assistance?

We can do the entire web site for you or work with you as you learn to develop your site. We work with you to the extent that you need our assistance.

Total Website Development: All sites are custom designed for each client. We don't use stock designs since we develop each site to reflect each client's individual existing image. If a company has already invested in logos, colors, and print material layouts, we try to reflect this as closely as possible when developing a website.

Website Cooperative Development: If you are developing your own website and need assistance, we can work with you on a consulting basis. We will review your current work, make recommendations for improving the performance and/or layout, and assist you in finding the appropriate solutions to your needs.

Do It Yourself: Learn how to develop your site with the help of our Technical Web Development series of courses. For about the cost of a single, quality reference book, you get unlimited access to subjects covering HTML, Java, CGI and Perl, Front Page and more. Details posted at

Internship Program: We offer a limited number of internships in the website development area. Applicants are expected to know basic html and have a working knowledge of a graphics program as the minimum requirements. If interested, please contact You will be expected to provide an example website showing your current capability.

Note: Our web site design services are available only to businesses and individuals who are residents of Indian River County or are a member of one of our official website organizations.

Site development prices start at $0 for non-profit organizations, educational institutions, houses of worship, and government agencies. Qualifying individuals and organizations can have a full year's exposure for a little as $125.

We work with our clients to help them achieve the site they want at a price they can afford.

Website development examples
Graphics capability example: Visit The Art of Virginia Neagle. Check the quality of the images and file sizes. Some of the images were scanned from 4 color brochures and others from photographs. Virginia is an artist and docent for the Center for the Arts here in Vero Beach. Her site features many of her paintings.

Database development example: Take a look at the Indian River County properties database application. The database is approximately 130 meg with over 70,000 records. It is running from an Access database using simple .idc and .htx files. This area provides information about all properties in the county and is updated at least quarterly and is very heavily used.

Website exposure example: Some of our clients choose to become a “content provider.” Florida Eye Institute has contributed information about various eye disorders for use in our Health Care centers in Vero Beach, Sebastian and Indian River County.

You can also visit The CrossRoads sites to see even more. You will find examples of both business and community service sites.

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