Hosting without Advertising or "Pop-Ups"

Personal Websites: FREE hosting is included with our unlimited access accounts. Please see

FTP Web Space: Hosted on a UNIX based server with log files, cgi support and access to a secure server for e-commerce transactions. Details available at

Monitored Hosting: All server related funtions done by The Internet Division of Vetrol Data Systems, Inc. Monitored hosting is available at no cost for qualifying not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions and government entities in Indian River County, Florida (site size restrictions may apply).

Monitored hosting is available only for entities located in Indian River County, Florida or a member of one of the official community service websites. Sites must also be “family friendly” to use this option.

Optional services: Available for either the FTP or monitored hosting, services include log reports, html syntax checking, link verification and initial search engine submission.

Pricing: Rates for the FTP hosting service are available at Monitored hosting rates start at $18 per year for a *basic site without a separate domain name. Sites with a domain name start at $10 per month for a *basic site.

* Basic Site: 1 to 3 pages with graphics, mailto links, and hypertext. No additional server resources are included.)

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