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Website Link Activation Policy and Form
REALTORS® | Linking Your Website

  1. Print this page.
  2. Read the Policy and Procedure statement carefully.
  3. Have the return link to the Chamber's site placed on your website.
  4. Complete the Website Information section, sign and date this printed page.
  5. Mail this completed form, which serves as your authorization, along with your annual fee to:
The Internet Division of Vetrol Data Systems, Inc.
2500 13th Avenue, Vero Beach FL 32960

Policy and Procedure
Eligibility: Links will be provided only for members in good standing.

Link from the REALTOR® Member's or Affiliate Member's site: The link to your site will be found in the member listings. Individual REALTOR®s as well as firms may request a link.

Link Location within the Board's site: Member firms are linked from the firm listing pages as well as any profile sheets that may exist for that firm. The zip code of your office according to the Board's office is used to determine the location categories. Individual REALTORS® are linked from the office roster.

Your Link to the REALTOR® Association's site: Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, the link to the REALTOR®'s site must appear on the same page that we link to in your site. This page must be a static page and one that is not automatically redirected elsewhere.

REALTOR® Icons: Use must conform to the standards as defined by the National Association of REALTORS®. This includes colors, backgrounds, and spacing.

Link Activation: Your link will be activated when this signed agreement is returned, your return link to the Board's site is in place, and any applicable fees have been paid. Membership status is automatically verified against the most recent membership information provided to Vetrol Data Systems by the the Board.

Fee Structure: There is an one time fee of $25.00 per link to a member's sites. Firms with multiple offices must request a separate link for each office that they wish to have linked.

Retaining the Link: Links will remain active indefinitely provided that: Website address remains the same; the Member's status remains active and in good standing; reciprocal link remains in place. Failure to adhere to any of the above may result in a suspension of the link. A $25.00 reinstatement fee will be charged to reactivate any suspended link.

Website Information

URL: http://_________________________________________________

This is the path to the page in your site where you have placed the return link to the Chamber's site.
E-Mail: _________________________________________________
  Please provide the e-mail address that you want used in your on-line listing.

Member: _________________________________________
Name: _________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________ Date: ___________________________

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