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Website Link Activation Policy and Form
Chamber of Commerce | Linking Your Website

  1. Read the Policy and Procedure statement carefully.
  2. Print and complete the Website Link Request Form.
  3. Sign, date and mail the Website Link Request Form along with you fee to:

Indian River County Chamber of Commerce
Membership Department
PO Box 2947, Vero Beach, FL 32961

Policy and Procedure
Eligibility: Website links will be provided only for members in good standing.

Link from the Chamber's site: The link to your site will be found in the Chamber's on-line Membership Directory.

Directory Categories & Member Information: All information that appears on the website is taken from the Chamber's database. Any changes in category, name, address, etc. must be made through the Chamber. Website updates will appear when VDS receives the updated database from the Chamber.

Chamber Icons: Icons available for use on your site can be found at These icons use either a white or black background. Custom background colors, to match your site's colors, are available at $25.00 per icon. Please contact the membership department for additional information..

Link Activation: Your link will be activated upon receipt of this signed agreement and payment in full. If you have purchased a reciprocal link, this must be in place at the time of activation.

Retaining the Link: Links will remain active for one(1) year from the date of activation provided that; a) website address remains the same; b) your Membership status is active and in good standing; c) if you have chosen to pay the reciprocal link fee, that return link must remain in place. Failure to adhere to any of the above guidelines for retaining your link may result in a suspension of the link. A $25.00 reinstatement fee will be charged to reactivate a suspended link.

Link renewal: You will receive a statement from the Chamber prior to the expiration of your link that will allow you to renew for the next year. Payment should be made directly to the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce and should be received at least 3 days prior to expiration. Methods of payment : Cash - Check - Visa - MasterCard.

Fee Structure: Billed Annually
Reciprocal Link: $40.00 per year
No Reciprocal Link: $75.00 per year

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